Message from the East


Freemasonry, a way of life.

My Brethren in the Craft; so many have asked but so few have internalized and practiced.

In the degrees, the definition as well as the explanation have focused on the Masonic allegories explained by symbols whereby in the latter are concealed the situations that provide the lessons of our Craft. In all of us, we have our own learnings having been exposed to the various lectures. However, the question is …”do we practice the philosophy and wisdom that can be derived from the allegories and the symbols…”? What the instructive tongue proclaims and what the attentive ear hears may or may not be contained in the heart, my Brethren! That is the challenge that the learning we pick up is brought to bear upon us.

The true Mason interprets the symbols and exemplifies these in his daily life. He attempts to put these to practice and in the process sees for himself whether there is truth to the knowledge and wisdom of the ages captured in the tenets and ancient landmarks of our Grand Order

Our Craft is a Brotherhood of men under the Fatherhood of God! Is this an idle dream? Is this an ideal that is hard to reach or much less practice? These are questions that only a real Mason can answer truthfully to himself. It may require many efforts and long patience and may bring forth the challenges brought forth by error and prejudice. But, in the end, each to his own. It is one’s choice to adhere to the lessons and live the philosophies that are taught. The word Mason is not earned in the conferral of the degrees. It is after the conferral and in the practice of the lessons that one becomes a Mason.

My Brethren, live by our tenets and lessons and be a Mason. The signs are there as you travel to your individual Orients!