My Thoughts on Freemasonry

My Thoughts on Freemasonry

Moving contemplation from a newly-raised Brother. It speaks of apprehension, honor, admiration, and self-improvement. Such gives the rest of the outside world an idea of what freshly-made Masons feel and believe in.

A trickle of apprehension flowed through my veins the first time I knocked to the Masonic Temple door. Not knowing what to expect… Not knowing whether I will be welcomed… a stranger in their midst.

But in my complete amazement and awe, I was unconditionally welcomed as a brother and as a friend. They acknowledged me for who I am which I considered honor in itself.

After this meaningful encounter, followed a long string of events: rituals…duties & obligations…meetings & fellowships… which are all essential part of the makings of a Master Mason.

One ritual I admire is the ritual we give to honor a dead brother… It totally overturned my tragic ideas and beliefs regarding funerals and burials. It also gave my heart great peace knowing that the apron we symbolically use in our rituals, that identifies who we are as Masons, is the same apron that will symbolically comfort us as we lay down in death… We are indeed proud to be a Mason in Life & in Death.

After all the experiences and knowledge imparted unselfishly to me, how then can I give a divine definition to the worthy fraternity which I vowed to protect…

“ Freemasonry…

…a league of honorable men,

…bound till death by the sinews of brotherly love & loyalty,

…linked to their ancestors from the time of King Solomon & Hiram through the practices of ancient rituals and traditions,

…And honor GOD by striving toward individual PERFECTION which in essence is the achievement of ONE’S HIGHEST GOOD.”

The fraternity has brought out the best in me…It has harvested strength, courage and inspiration from the very core of my soul that I never knew existed… It sparked a flame within me that will forever burn.

Let me end by sharing a quote that fueled my desire & dedication to become a Mason…

“ You can have anything you want if you want it desperately enough…

You must want it with an Inner Exuberance that erupts through the skin… and joins the Energy that created the world.”

It has been both a privilege and pleasure to be a Brother Mason

in this lifetime…

-Bro. Ceasar T.

Article published from the Luxis Quarterly, December 2004