40th Founding Anniversary

Celebrating 40 Years of Continuing Growth

Jacobo Zobel Memorial Lodge No. 202 commemorates its 40th Anniversary at the Makati Sports Club last November 15, 2014, the Jacobo Zobel Memorial Lodge No. 202 celebrated its 40th year of constitution. Held at the Makati Sports Club, the Lodge shared an evening of dinner and fellowship with family and friends. The event was graced by many of the past pillars of the Lodge – those who have literally shed a lot of sweat in order to keep the Lodge alive. The evening truly was glittering with the smiles of their appreciation and pride upon seeing how far the fruits of their labors have come through the years. The current active members were, of course, likewise there to revel in the success and accomplishments they have brought forth to their mother Lodge.

It was indeed a celebration of the glorious past and a welcoming of the promising future. Many got to reminiscing memorable moments, telling each other funny anecdotes of their times in the Lodge, all amidst the wonderful ambience of fine music and good food. The atmosphere was filled with joy and laughter, with pride and sentimental emotions, with toasts and well-wishes, and with a deep feeling of further bonding that developed amongst each other. As they were sharing past memories together, they were likewise creating new ones that night. And so as the occassion came to close, that nobody even remembered how, we now keep within these pages the good memories created that night, for us to remember forever.