The Masonic Temple in Makati

The Masonic Temple

Though Don Enrique granted the use of the School of the Deaf, located at San Antonio Village in Makati, for the Lodge’s stated meetings, further attempts were made by members of the Lodge to convince the Zobel de Ayala family in donating, or at least, leasing a vacant property within the vicinity. After many challenges and negotiations, Don Enrique finally agreed on April 25, 1978 to lease the property to the Lodge for an amount of P1.00 per year for 50 years.  The property, fronting the School of the Deaf, along Dao Street, had a land area of 1,500 square meters. The Contract of Lease was signed by Bro. Calixto Zaldivar on behalf of the Lodge, and by Don Enrique on behalf of the Zobel de Ayala family. However, a sort of stipulation existed: Don Enrique required the Lodge to build its Masonic Temple on the property within 2 years, generously donating a considerable sum himself to jump-start the construction. That afternoon, a cornerstone-laying ceremony for the supposed Masonic Temple was conducted by Bro. Calixto, with the assistance of Bro. Jolly Bugarin.

However, the Lodge, at that time, did not have enough funds to begin any kind of construction anytime soon. Hence, it became very likely that the contract could be nullified and the property reconveyed back to the Zobel de Ayala family. Appeals were thus made to other Masons to help finance the Masonic Temple, yet it was only King Solomon Lodge No. 150 that heeded. Though the chances for success were still slim, considering the time and money involved, hope came  when, in 1981, Bro. Warner Rushing was elected Master of the Lodge. He was then working for Philippine Geothermal, Inc. as its Operations Manager for Construction, which strategically enabled him to spearhead the project. The F.F. Cruz Company was soon brought in for the actual construction, while others such as Bros. Norberto San Mateo Jr. and Ernie Flores solicited and contributed construction materials. Among these included rebars from Bro. Oscar Sy, narra from Bro. Dupaya, plants and landscaping job from Bro. Antonio Beltran, and air-conditioners from Bro. Warner. Bro. Ben Brown likewise did his part in getting more support from other Masons and friends of Masons. Amidst all of these, Bro. Warner, with the assistance of Bro. Ernesto Gonzales Sr., created the Jacobo Zobel Masonic Temple Association, Inc., registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by Bro. Asturco on June 16, 1981. The Association would be responsible for the overall care of the Temple, including its usage and maintenance.

On November 15, 1982, during its 8th year Anniversary, the Lodge held its meeting inside the nearly-completed Jacobo Zobel Masonic Temple for the first time. Bro. Warner, for his labors and generosity, was re-elected as Master of the Lodge. The Temple’s Lodge Hall, later named after him, was designated on September 15, 1985 by the Jacobo Zobel Masonic Temple Association for all the Masonic activities of the Lodge.